College Profile
Rimonim College

Rimonim – Hoteliery, Culinary, and Career College (formerly Holiday Inn College) was established in 1993 in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Municipality of Tiberias. Since January 2011, it is managed by Rimonim Hotels & Resorts.

The College is a leading institution in the training and instruction of students in Hoteliery, Hospitality, Catering, and the Food Industry. In the years since it has opened its doors it has trained over 5,000 graduates in a variety of programs: Hotel Administration, Housekeeping Management, the Culinary Arts,
the Pastry & Baking Arts, Events Organization and Coordination, and Bartending, as well as offering Chef Certification Courses, and other programs.

The College is located on the grounds of Rimonim – Tiberias on the shore of the Kinneret Sea and operates in the vicinity of Rimonim Mineral Tiberias Hotel and the Tiberias Hot Springs Spa, both of which offer opportunities for students to intern in their desired career choice.

Today, our graduates are employed in the tourist, hotel, and food industries both in Israel and abroad in a variety of careers and positions.

While offering many courses of study, the development of Hoteliery and the Culinary Arts is seen as the College›s primary mission. It sees itself as fulfilling a duty to the nation in this regard given the high importance the tourist industry holds for the Israeli economy. It is the College›s goal to educate, train, and prepare the next generation of managers and employees in these vital fields here in Israel.

As a College for the development of professional careers, Rimonim places great emphasis on high-quality professional training which prepares the student for the job market and launches him or her on the road to a satisfying career. The College provides, as an added service, job placement assistance for its students who are entering the work force.

The College offers other professional training programs: School for Cosmetology and Beauty and School for Accounting and Administration. In the past year, the College has opened its doors to provide a High School for the Culinary Arts. This is a three-year program of study for graduates of the ninth grade.

All of the programs at the College are under the supervision and the funding of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor.

Over the years the College has further taken upon itself the pleasant obligation of serving as a bridge between the native population of Israel and its new immigrants. The College has been and continues to be involved in various projects sponsored by the Jewish Agency for the absorption and training of new immigrants.

Rimonim Hotels & Resorts sees in the administration of the College the realization of a vision to train future generations of personnel employed in the fields of Hoteliery and the Culinary Arts in Israel. The College already operates an extension in Ashkelon for students from the South of Israel, and is now planning to branch out with establishing additional extensions throughout Israel.

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